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Welcome! Once the largest country in Africa, what we knew as Sudan are now two independent republics, Sudan and South Sudan. They remain a microcosm of the larger African experience offering a diversity of geography, histories, cultures, livelihoods, religions, and languages. Sites of both horrific hostilities and extraordinary peace-making, the two Sudans continue to compel their citizens, neighbors and the international community to consider fundamental questions of nation-building, governance, development, equity, justice, humanitarian action, and environmental change. To assist in understanding these complexities, this online project provides a comprehensive web-based portal that offers factual and interpretive narratives and analyses of the two Sudans organized into thematic modules. It is geared towards educators, but also useful to researchers, the policymaking community, and the general public. We encourage you to explore the resources we have prepared and regularly visit Michael Kevane’s blog for commentary on the unfolding situation in the two Sudans.

Highlights & News

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