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Understanding the Human Catastrophe in Darfur


The current situation in Darfur, the westernmost province of Sudan, bordering Chad and Libya, remains one of the world's most serious human catastrophes. More than two million people have been displaced in and outside of Sudan by this conflict. This module offers lecture and resource material to help guide a classroom discussion of the humanitarian catastrophe and international response, providing resources to help locate the crisis in the context of Sudan's complex politics, and enable teachers and students to confidently assess the continuing flood of media analysis and imagery.

Intriguing Questions

  1. What is different about the Darfur conflict and the resultant human suffering?
  2. Is this a conflict between African and Arabs, as sometimes portrayed in the media?
  3. How are human rights violations and conflict-related casualties measured?
  4. How can an understanding of history help resolve the conflict?
  5. Is some kind of military intervention the solution?
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    This teaching module is coordinated by Michael Kevane

    Last Updated: May 1, 2009

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