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Online Images of Sudan

A Beja man rides his camel in the rebel-controlled area of Eastern Sudan, near the border with Eritrea in this picture taken June 4, 2005. (Reuters).
A bleak desert region is home to the Beja people
A boy from Port Sudan
A hunting party in the Nuba moutains
A market in the Nuba Mountain
Beja people are angry about the underdevelopment of their region
Beja people collect water in the rebel-controlled area of eastern Sudan, near the border with Eritrea June 4, 2005.
Beja rebels strip their rifles on a rocky hill near the Eritrean border town of Rubda June 4, 2005. (Reuters).
Children from Port Sudan during the drought
Cooking area in Port Sudan
Digging for water in a dry riverbed in Nagurban
Famine foods including dried okra and other grains
Farms at the base of a hill in Eastern Nagurban
Flag of Sudan
Government services like health and education are non-existent
Hilltop farming. Due to insecurity, the Nuba people were forced into the hilltops, away from the fertile lands at the base of the hills.
Julud Compound
Kauda Reporters
Opposition solder Eastern Sudan
Sudan map
Sudanese in Kauda burning grass to stay warm while waiting for Danforth's visit
Sudanese lined up, waiting for Danforth at Kauda airstrip
Sudanese people and animals getting water from the same supply.
The Chiefs and Traditional Leaders Conference attracted 350 people from every corner of Sudan
The construction of a hafir
WFP camp near Kauda
Women and children from a drought affected village



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