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As the 21st century media environment continues to evolve, so do the sources for news on Sudan. Many sources from within Sudan are now available online – several of these are reviewed below. News on Sudan is also generated from other African countries offering unique perspectives. While there are few foreign correspondents based in Khartoum or other parts of Sudan, journalists do visit regularly, especially since the conflict in Darfur garnered international attention. Many of these stories can be found in feeds such as Lexis-Nexis, google or Yahoo, many of which require subscriptions. In terms of access, terrain, personal and language, it should be emphasized that local journalists and ‘fixers’ are key in the news chain. In addition to the traditional sources of broadcast and print media and the wire services, there are many ‘new media’ sources including international agencies, NGO’s, political parties, religious groups, scholars, bloggers and others in and outside of Sudan. News, advocacy, research, logistics become ever more meshed. Links to useful news sources can be found under the News Sources tab.

News Sources
Sudanese radio employees
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